About Teresa

Teresa Krug is a television news producer, reporter/writer and international affairs analyst who has worked with the world's biggest outlets: Al Jazeera English, Al Jazeera America, CBS, Associated Press, the Guardian, Die Zeit, the Daily Maverick and RTE 1 World Report. She appears frequently on Somali sports radio. Through her journalism she has tackled stories on the effects of economic injustice and war in the Middle East, Somalia, Lampedusa/Sicily and South America – with a particular focus on climate change, refugees, migrants and other marginalized groups. Along with her co-producer/co-director Ayu Abdullah, her film "Power Down to Power All" won the 2016 UNDP-sponsored grand prize at the Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival. More extensively, she has advised other documentary filmmakers, journalists and artists on Samia Yusuf Omar, a Somali Olympian who fled Somalia to pursue her dream of running in the London Olympics, including outlets like PRI's The World and UNHCR's Tracks. In 2016, ahead of the Rio Olympics, she penned the Afterword for Reinhard Kleist's critically acclaimed graphic novel “An Olympic Dream.” She has also appeared on panels discussing migrant labor rights and immigration push/pull factors. At the moment, she's a consultant with NYU-Abu Dhabi's "Islands of Stability" project, which is evaluating the semi-autonomous regions of Iraqi Kurdistan, northern Somalia's Somaliland and the Afghan Balkh Province. 

In a former life, she was a humanitarian worker who educated refugee returnees and children of refugees in Somaliland, commencing the region’s first college-level journalism and sociology programs in more than two decades, as well as initiating and spearheading Abaarso School’s first communications department. Before that, Teresa challenged employers who committed wage theft, advocating for and negotiating on behalf of low-wage Spanish-speaking undocumented immigrants in the Bay area. As part of a two-person unit, she won or settled 100 percent of all cases presented in the San Francisco judicial system. She has also worked with at-risk teenagers undergoing substance abuse treatment.